Rogue Valley Public Transportation Use Increases

By Danielle Craig

MEDFORD, Ore. — Bus ridership is up across the country and in Southern Oregon, the Rogue Valley Transportation District is meeting the demand.

Two and a half months ago it added evening and weekend service. The added bus stops have increased ridership by 21%. An increase in the use of public transportation is being seen across the country.

The American public transportation association says last year, Americans took 235 million more trips on buses, trains and subways than the year before. RVTD says the major difference between the national and local pictures is RVTD’s ability to provide more service.

“We were actually able to add service at this time; if you look around the nation most transit agencies are either able to maintain or in man cases having to cut service right now,” states RVTD Transportation Options Planner Nathan Broom.

RVTD says it is also likely the last month of high gas prices. Played a role in increased ridership.