Rogue Valley Manor Suit

The Rogue Valley Manor asked a judge Monday to keep it’s board of representatives intact through the civil suit involving their corporate counterpart.

Exactly a week ago the Rogue Valley Manor announced it’s intent to seperate itself from the company it created more than two decades ago, pacific retirement services.

Monday, both sides got the chance to tell their sides in hopes of a ruling in their favor.

“I am pleased with the turn out of residents that came to see what the lawyers had to say and what the judge had to say,” said manor attorney, Thomas McDermott.

Rogue Valley Manor residents packed in to support a battle of rights that officials said they initiated.

“The residents raised the issues of are we getting a fair deal? Is PRS making money from us?” said McDermott.

McDermott said several factors have contributed to the decision of suit.

The biggest complaints are management fees for services provided, that they say will total $2.7 million this year.

McDermott said manor officials estimate these fees are over priced by about $1 million dollars.

It’s negotiations like these that some residents feel has strained a long time relationship.

“Most of this was done on a hand shake and that’s the mistake the manor residents made they trusted the PRS people,” said manor resident, Jack Hafner.

PRS placed Kevin McLoughin an executive board director on administrative leave shortly after the suit was filed.

Officials said now they are threatening to fire the rest of the board come friday.

PRS attorneys explained in court Monday, the removal of these members are actually in an effort to ensure the manors success.

Residents are concerned if the judge rules in favor or ‘prs’ it could lead to new representation.

“If the manor board is replaced by prs then we have no say at all,” said Hafner.

Manor attorneys asked for a temporary restraining order Monday afternoon.

Asking to not allow the termination of the board members until the court makes a final decision.

“If we dont get a favorable ruling by before friday at six pm its game over,” said McDermott.