Rogue Valley Gas Prices Continue to Climb

By Steven Sandberg

MEDFORD, Ore. — Think it costs a lot to fill your car with gas? Just wait until Memorial Day weekend.

Experts say the price of a gallon of gas in Oregon – already one of the most expensive in the country – could be even higher by the end of the weekend. Currently, the average gallon of regular unleaded gasoline costs $4.20 in Oregon.

The web site GasBuddy.com says prices in Medford could be as much as 35 cents higher by the end of the weekend. AAA says it doesn’t anticipate costs to go that high, but does say prices will increase because of a combination of supply and demand and the upcoming holiday weekend.

Several refineries along the west coast have been closed for maintenance for weeks, and experts say that is driving up the price. Oregon is going through the shortest supply of gas the state has seen in 20 years.