Rogue River Fire Prompts Evacuations

rogue river drive 527pm

[UPDATE 2:00 p.m.] Anyone who was on a Level 3 evacuation is now on a Level 1 evacuation. Residents currently on this Level 1 evacuation notice are: 3,000 block of Rogue River Drive to the intersection of Rhodes Lane, Rhodes Lane, Kitty Lane, Osprey Drive, Greenleaf Drive, Colfax Way and Dry Creek Road.

[UPDATE 8:10 a.m.] Level 1 evacuations have been issued for all people living on Greenleaf Drive and Colfax Way. Evacuation levels set last night will continue to stay in place.

[UPDATE 8:25 p.m.] Level 3 evacuations have been issued to residents living on Dry Creek Road, which means people living there need to leave immediately, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Level 1 evacuation notices (be ready) have also been given for people living on Rogue River Drive between the 3000 block and the intersection of Kitty Lane. This also affects people living on Kitty Drive and Osprey Drive.

[UPDATE 7:20 p.m.] Winds caused fuels from the Rogue River Drive fire to blow over containment lines and create a new spot fire, Tuesday afternoon. Fire officials are estimating about 128 new acres burned as a result. This is on top of the 100 acres previously reported.

Air craft crews will drop fire retardant until dark. After that hand crews will remain through the night to re-create fire lines. There are four homes near the burn area, but fire officials said they are well defended. Fire crews are in those areas now making sure the homes remain safe.

[UPDATE 5:27 p.m.] Additional crews, helicopters, and air tankers are being called back out to the Rogue River Drive fire. Fire officials said gusty winds is causing the flames to grow over original containment lines.

SHADY COVE, Ore. — Fire crews are mopping up the Rogue River Drive Fire which burned about 100 acres last night into today. Containment lines have been built around the entire fire, but there’s no official word on containment percentage. Homes were threatened last night, but crews were positioned around them to protect them. Crews will keep their eye on the weather tonight to make sure the winds don’t cause the fire to flare back up or cause the fire to spot across the fire lines.


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  1. Joe Riker says:

    You’re not up to date. The fire is still burning and no updates on your website

  2. Joan Riker says:

    At 3:30 this afternoon the fire was raging, flames high and very visible from Hwy 62. Probably 50 cars were pulled off to the side so the occupants could watch the fire. Where were/are your news crews? You need to update active stories and not just let them sit and “simmer” like this fire did. What is it’s status right now??????????

  3. Joe Riker says:

    I guess you really don’t like criticism and don’t want the public to know.

  4. Judy Hull says:

    I live just below Kitty Lane. Police are turning people around at Drake Rd. on Rogue River Drive unless you live past that point. I had to go through there about an hour ago, It would be nice if we could get better updates from the local TV stations. At least you gave me more information than I got at the road block. Thank you for at least updating more than the other local stations have. It is so frustrating that those of us who live in the Upper Rogue area are dismissed as not important news, it happens all the time. Something major going on and the locals know a little about it, but all we get from the TV stations is what is going on in Medford or Ashland, We are part of this valley too, we pay our taxes and shop in Medford.

  5. Julia says:

    My grandmother lives over there, and I just want to make sure she is safe.

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