Rogue River Bans Dispensaries

3-25 jbo marijuanaROGUE RIVER, Ore. — A Southern Oregon city is banning medical marijuana dispensaries for as long as legally possible.

On Thursday night, the Rogue River City Council voted to approve a moratorium on dispensaries until May 1st of next year.

According to a new state law, local governments can ban dispensaries up until that time. This means dispensaries will not be allowed in Rogue River until that time.


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  1. Iris Brissette says:

    As an almost lifetime resident of Rogue River, I applaud the Council’s decision to ban dispensaries in Rogue River. Thank you, Rogue River City Council.

    1. Marti says:

      I hope that you and your family are never faced with a horrible illness like cancer, but if it was to happen I’m positive you would change your mind. NATURAL medicine is the best, but Drs are quick to prescribe narcotics that will only cause more sickness & will no longer help you after long time use.

      1. Dean says:

        I don’t know of any marijuana users that are having a hard time obtaining their drug. What is the purpose of these dispensaries in an area that is saturated with pot? People are already giving it away. It’s been easily accessible for a long time. When my father had cancer in 1982 doctors were able to prescribe it then. Pot users are just pushing for complete legality of their drug of choice. As far as the “NATURAL” thing, rattlesnakes and arsenic are also naturally occurring so have at it!

  2. Zach Braff says:

    But keep the booze flowin’!

  3. CannabisTV says:

    It’s shameful and disgraceful that so many people are ignorant to the facts regarding cannabis as a medicine. It is statistically guaranteed that some of the people with such an aversion to safe medicine will end up being diagnosed with some illness or disease in their lifetime. When that happens and prescription pills with their nasty side effects fail to help, they will be desperate for pain relief that cannabis provides. Whether it’s your or a family member, they will be force to search far and wide for a safe and steady supply. If our communities continue to take action based on ignorance and fear, we will continue to disgrace those people in need of that medicine. We will be disgracing them by telling them that as an adult, they don’t have the right to choose between the addictive pills and the much safer, more effective, non-toxic option of cannabis. What if it turns out not to be a family member that gets cancer, but YOU instead? What then?

    How about instead, we act based on FACTS, science and reality instead of the imaginary horror movie scenario perpetuated by government propaganda. It’s time to purge ourselves of ignorance. It’s time that the ignorant rid themselves of this “reefer madness” and wake to the reality of the situation. Act like adults and allow other adults to make their own decisions. Follow and respect the Constitution, uphold the right of liberty both for yourself and your fellow citizens.

    1. Dean says:

      Lay off the pipe for awhile man. Cancer patients have been able to get pot prescribed for a long time. Less than 1% of pot card holders have cancer. I follow my constitution and right to oppose the use of drugs in my neighborhood.

  4. di from Oregon says:

    While I do not understand the merits of weed on serious illnesses like cancer, I do know that the medical marijuana laws are being taken advantage of in a big way, because Drs. who are in favor of the drug can give permission for it’s use as they deem fit, whether really needed or not, in an unethical manner. I think that dispensaries are not the answer. I think that regular MD’s should be the ones writing prescriptions that are filled at the pharmacy alone. Anyone writing a prescription illegally should have their license revoked, just like any pain meds.

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