Rogue Nexus Encourages Local Online Biz

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local online business is on the rise in Southern Oregon, now those companies are getting an extra hand in expanding their work. A special event was held Tuesday afternoon to help those local e-businesses connect with other resources in the Rogue Valley.

The event was held by SOREDI, who created a network called Rogue Nexus, in order to give those companies access to things that can help them grow. SOREDI officials say the Southern Oregon area has 11 times the national average of online businesses.

“It’s become real clear in the last few years that we really have a gigantic e-business community here. You might ask why? Well if you could live anywhere and sell your stuff anywhere, this is the perfect place to do it,” said SOREDI’s Michael Smith.

Businesses are encouraged to join the network by signing up at the Rogue Nexus web site.