Rogue Is The Only Route For Fire Crews

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NEAR GALICE, Ore. — Fire crews and local rafting guides teamed up and packed up rafts full of supplies and floated down the Rogue’s rapids to structures in danger. Firefighters from across the country have arrived in southern Oregon and within hours a handful were sent down the Rogue River.

“I’ve done rafting for fun, but yeah, never with all of our gear and going to a fire. It’s pretty unusual,” said Utah firefighter Mark Charlton.

The Big Windy Complex fire is threatening nearby structures and with roads too close to the edge of the fire, the best way for firefighters to get in is by water. The Rogue River has been closed since late Tuesday night, so rafting companies were eager help float in resources.

“This will be a daily thing. We’re utilizing all the outfitters here on the Rogue that have the experienced guides that can take the big, heavy gear boats that these guys need,” said Noah’s Wilderness Adventures Owner Hugh Hague.

Food, fuel and even weed wackers were among the supplies floating down with the fire crews.

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  1. Jared Twedell says:

    This might be a good time to revisit the ban on roads in wilderness areas. Sure, I understand the theory of a roadless wilderness, and the protection of forests.. however, since roads are no longer allowed in some areas, the very forest these environmentalist groups are trying to preserve are burning to the ground.
    In the end, you have no forest and the added poor air quality just adds to the problem.

    My two favorite sayings:

    Common sense is the least common of all senses.

    A error in judgment once is a mistake… a repeated error in judgment is ignorance

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