Rogue Disposal Pick-up Cancelled

talent trashMEDFORD, Ore. — The icy conditions are stopping trash services in the Rogue Valley.

Rogue Disposal and Recycling cancelled picking up trash Monday. The company says the roads are unsafe for employees to drive on, even with chains.

“There’s some areas that the snow and ice has melted, but for the most part, when you get off the main traveled streets, it’s very dangerous still and we just don’t want to take a chance,” said Wendel Smith, General Manager.

If the cold weather continues, the company may continue to hold off on picking up trash, but it’s asking residents to still place their trash outside on their scheduled collection days. Employees will pick it up as soon as conditions are safe.


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  1. Ed says:

    what a bunch of crap, I have been driving around here the whole time. The roads are not that bad, not so bad to close schools eather,

    1. ben rutledge says:

      but yur not driving a 20 ton truck either they slid REAL easy with all that weight and momentum!!!!

    2. beaver says:

      Ed, since you don’t mind driving in this mess, maybe you could swing by and pick up my garbage. While you’re at it you can drive a few school bus routes…the world needs more men (or women) like you;)

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