Rogue Disposal Discuss Recycling Rules

April 23, 2012

By Bryan Navarro

WHITE CITY, Ore. — Earth Day was Saturday, but for some in the Rogue Valley, there’s always a focus on going green and recycling. Officials are hoping to let people know some of the things they think are recyclable are not.

At Rogue Disposal, this sign spells out the difference between what’s accepted and what’s not accepted and officials say it’s clearing up a lot of confusion. The signs don’t just tell the difference, they show it with pictures, dropping off recycling in the commingle bin more thought than just dumping and leaving.

“People look at the list and go, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’ve been putting clam shells in my commingle all along’ and she say it was on the ‘no’ list,” explains Rogue Disposal rep Denise Barnes.

What’s not allowed are plastic clamshells, plastic bags, plastic lids, and cardboard with wax coating. Rogue Disposal uses the phrase, “if it’s not a yes, it’s a no”.

Nevertheless, those prohibited items sometimes get tossed in anyway. Despite sorting by hand and by machine, contaminant can end up costing Rogue Disposal.

“What happens is it ends up as garbage in a sort facility and they have to pay as garbage to get rid of it. So we just shipped garbage 300 miles that we didn’t need to,” says Barnes.

So, when you’re dropping off, make sure it’s in the right bin.
“It’s always a good day to learn about recycling,” says Barnes, “In my world, every day is Earth Day.”

Rogue Disposal welcomes your questions over email or over the phone. Check out their website for more information.