Rogue Air Opens at the Medford Center

Rogue AirMEDFORD, Ore. — A new trampoline park opens in Medford on Saturday, the only of its kind in Southern Oregon.

Rogue Air celebrated its long awaited debut at the Medford Center after four to five months of planning. Thirty people lined up just before eleven waiting for the doors to open.

The trampoline park is packed with dodge ball courts, basketball hoops, and even half pipes.

The manager of the park says it’s hard to gauge how successful the opening was because there aren’t any comparable businesses in the area to look at, but he says overall they were happy with their first day.

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  1. laird funk says:

    So far in my life, every trampoline center I know of, which has started up eventually had to quit business due to being sued for injuries sustained by untrained and under supervised young people who broke their neck or some other spinal part. Trampolines are fun until you become paralyzed due to an accident.

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