Robin Williams Dead at 63

Robin_Williams(CNN) — Comedian Robin Williams is dead at age 63. Williams’ wife and press representative both released statements Monday confirming the death. They said the actor had been suffering “severe depression of late.”

Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, said she is “utterly heartbroken” and hopes that people will focus on Williams’ life and the “countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

The Marin County Sheriff’s Department said Williams’ death appears to be suicide due to asphyxia.


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  1. George Kramer says:

    This is saddening to say the least. I grew up watching Comics like Robin Williams and George Carlin on HBO and listening to their records. His comic genius is going to be missed and there is going to be a huge hole in the comedy world to fill, if that is possible.

  2. Matthew A. Eldridge says:

    Dear Readers,

    Depression is serious. I have shared with others since the word broke that you cannot expect someone to pull themselves out of it. Take action, love them, but know that love may not be enough. I have lived with it for most of my pediatric and adult life. It, too, almost took me to my grave. Even my sincere faith was/is not enough to bring me out of depression–it gives me hope, yet, without treating it like a health condition, the results are dooming.

    May God grant peace to the Williams’ family/friends during this tragedy. I cannot make it more clear, depression is not some laughing matter, those who have it are not weak, rather, they/we suffer from a sickness that sometimes cannot be seen from the outside. But, a life may be in the balance if you fail to act.

    RIP Mr. Williams . . .

    Matthew A. Eldridge

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