Roads Remain Slick During Morning Hours

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Roads around the airport still had a layer of snow on them Wednesday morning. Medford Police and State Troopers advised drivers to driver carefully and slowly in areas that remain slick.

According to a Medford Airport Authority press release, the airport did not conduct fog seeding Wednesday morning – but it said it was planning to seed at some point during the day. The freezing fog has caused flight delays, diversions, and cancellations at the airport.

Because of the weather conditions, the airport has been forced to do fog seeding, to bring the moisture down as ice particles. The collecting snow, along with leftover ice on the sides of the roads, contributed to several car crashes along Biddle Road this week.

An airport spokesperson says the airport informs ODOT road crews and the emergency dispatch center when it plans to fog seed, but not Medford Public Works — the agency in charge of maintaining Biddle Road.

The Medford Airport Authority says they will be communicating with the Medford Public Works Department when they conduct fog seeding.