Road Repairs For Crater Lake Rim Drive

CRATER LAKE, Ore. — An approximately $17 million project is being planned to overhaul the Historic Rim Drive Road at Crater Lake National Park.

Park officials announced this week planning for a three phase project to repave the Rim Road, repair some of the stone walls, and guard against rock falls along the highway.

Park Maintenance Chief Ray Moore says it’s been many years since major work has been done on the 29-mile road, and it’s long overdue.

“On the west rim road, we’re looking at a few re-alignments and may road repairs down to the base. Then over on the east rim, which would be the last project, it’s pretty much just repaving that stretch of road,” explained Moore.

Other work calls for improvements to parking lots at Cleetwood Cove and Rim Village. He says the projects will likely be stretched over five or six years starting in 2014, funding permitting.

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