Road Rage Turns Violent, Man Arrested

Ashby WilliamCENTRAL POINT, Ore.– A Central Point man is facing charges after a road rage incident got out of hand.

Jackson County Sheriff Deputies said they responded to several 911 calls over gun shots on Truax Road, Monday night.

Deputies said witness told them Forrest Miller, and his girlfriend, Ashley Taylor were driving closely behind William Ashby on High Banks Road. They say Ashby slammed on his breaks because he felt they were driving too close. Miller then went around his car and the two cars exchanged words and hand gestures.

Ashby followed Miller’s car to their home on Truax Road and then got our of his car with a gun. When Ashby tried to hit Miller in the face, his gun went off. Miller then went and got his rifle out of his car and the two continued to argue and push each other until police arrived.

Both received minor injuries.

Ashby was booked into the Jackson County Jail on charges of Menacing, Assault, and Disorderly Conduct. His bail is set at $32,000.

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office is being forwarded the case for review.