Road Crews Prepare For Snow

MEDFORD, Ore. — On Wednesday, crews with the Oregon Department of Transportation were treating and plowing the Siskiyou Pass on Interstate 5, as they have all winter.

If a storm is severe and more crews are needed, the Central Point O-DOT crew is called in as back-up near the Siskiyous or north of Grants Pass. To prepare for snow storms, O-DOT officials say they make sure their stock piles are ready to go, especially supplies of magneisium cholride. Officials say preparations begin long before the storm rolls in.

Medford City officials said crews are also ready to go should snow hit the Valley floor. Officials said the city is divided into four quadrants and a sander takes care of each quarter. Officials say Hillcrest Road, McAndrews Road in East Medford, as well as the bridge over the railroad tracks, are the most notorious areas for dangerous driving.

Medford officials want to remind valley residents that, if snow hits the floor, to drive carefully as it may take 4 or 5 times as long to come to a complete stop.