River Rafting Safety Tips

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ASHLAND, Ore. — With the weather heating up, people are hitting the water to cool off.  Many of those people are booking trips with rafting companies or taking their own water crafts down the river, but experts said it’s important to be safe when you are out enjoying the water.

Rafting safety experts said to always where your life jacket, and make sure it’s snug and form fitting.  A person should be able to breathe and move without problems, but they should not be able to lift the jacket about their ears.  Another good rule to remember is “know before you go.”

“Know the run that you are on, know the put ins and the take outs, so you don’t miss the take out because that can be really important obviously,” said Bart Baldwin, the owner of Noah’s River Rafting.  “Tell somebody where you are going, tell somebody that you are doing a rafting trip, let them know what time you expect to be back.”

It’s also a good idea to carry a first aid kit, and check to see if you will be in cell phone range during your trip.