Ritual Prepares People For December 21st

ASHLAND, Ore. — Sunday morning, dozens gathered in Ashland for a ritual their minister says will help prepare them for December 21st.

Those who gathered Sunday morning said, on that day, everyone will reset due to an alignment in the universe. Unity Minister Norma Burton said it helps individuals look with in and find forgiveness.

“We did an embodied ritual, a meditation, it which people experienced being rooted in the earth which we are as earth beings and connecting with the cosmos,” said Burton.

Burton, herself, is headed to Mexico to take part in a ritual on December 21st. On that date, Burton says at 3:15 a.m. Pacific Time, Earth will pause for eight seconds, which she says the Mayans helped predict.


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  1. Dr. Terry Martin says:

    The Mayans celebrated the end of several of their calendar periods, like we do the end of our years. Their longest cycle was 5125 years, (kind of like our Y2K) and that is what ends on Dec. 21. The Mayans liked to party, and they would be partying big time for such a cycle. So, I suggest, if our New Year’s is not enough for you, we treat Dec. 21 like New Year’s Eve, and the 22nd like New Year’s Day. But that is all it is…

  2. Earhtling says:

    I heard of less crap at the stock yard, grow up & get a grip. All you doomsayers are a bunch of crack hed Idiots

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