Rise In Construction Jobs In Jackson Co.

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The U.S. economy has been delivered good news, with a new jobs report that shows the lowest unemployment rate in four years. The report shows the construction industry performed especially well, adding nearly 50,000 jobs.

Since this time last year, the amount of new construction sales in the Rogue Valley have risen roughly 50%. Not only that, but last year the majority of houses sold, around 64%, were foreclosed as opposed to normal sales.

This year, it’s the exact opposite. Jeff Hamlett, a construction business owner in Ashland, says he and many of the other contractors he competes with in the area are optimistic.

“Throughout the valley I feel that it’s poised to just stay growing,” Jeff Hamlett said.

Hamlett says that construction naturally rises and falls, but he expects stability in the coming years. He also says that he will soon be hiring new employees to handle the increased workload.