Richardson Gets Independent Party Nod

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SALEM, Ore. – The Independent Party of Oregon is announcing its support for Dennis Richardson in this November’s gubernatorial race.

Richardson, a Central Point representative, recently won out among registered independents in a survey conducted by the party — 677 votes compared to John Kitzhaber’s 413.

That means Richardson can list the independent party endorsement on the November ballot.

The Jackson County Republican Party, which has supported Richardson, says independent voters have typically been viewed as taking votes away from major party candidates.

But it’s becoming more and more important for a candidate in any party to get that support.

“What’s good is that when their values are still comparable to the candidate, then that helps the candidate in the general race,” said Jackson County Republicans Chairman Chuck Heauser.

According to the survey, the big priorities of independents are limiting campaign expenditures, getting a better return on tax dollars spent, and making college and vocational school more affordable.

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  1. Justice4DaveLewis says:

    Dennis Richardson closed his debate statement against Governor Kitzhaber; with Richardson touting Burl Brim & Air Rescue Systems & the million dollar contracts from the Chinese, as his success story. Burl Brim is similar to Bowerman, complete with the Ashland Oregon prom. Then she ran his business for the next 7 years. Did Richardson vet?

    Why would Richardson promote a man currently under investigation with the FAA & NTSB for a fatality? Multiple scofflaw issues. Including a pilot who has been license-suspended. All facts.

    The truth can not be deleted. If Richardson can not make good decisions now, he won’t in office. Out of the frying pan & into the fire with Richardson. Governor Kitzhaber, will do a good job in the next 4 years. And, he will vet his people, before promenading them as success stories.

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