Reynolds High School Shooter Identified

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TROUTDALE, Ore. — The Troutdale Police Chief says yesterday’s shooter at Reynolds High School was a freshman student, 15 year old Jared Michael Padgett. He apparently used a guitar case to carry weapons onto campus.  Police say he had a handgun, an AR-15 style rifle, 9 loaded magazines capable of holding hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and a knife.  He was wearing a non-ballistic vest capable of holding some of the magazines and bullets. And he also was wearing some type of helmet.

Police say he got the weapons from his family, who legally owned them.

Police do not believe there is a connection between the shooter and the victim, 15 year old Emilio Hoffman.

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  1. rhY says:

    “Several Hundred Rounds”. That would be more than 270… So he had 9 magazines that held more than 30? This seems unlikely. Why not just mention specifically how many bullets he had? Why not have a licensed and trained on staff armed guard at the school? Once again, the narrative is being taken off mental health and accountability and spun as an anti-gun big media agenda item.

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