Rewards for Cleaning up After Your Pooch

ASHLAND, Ore. — Doing the right thing and picking up after your dog when out for a walk in Ashland could result in a reward this summer. This weekend Ashland Loves Dogs and the Ashland Parks and Recreation Program are teaming up to reward responsible dog owners.

Program officials say they will secretly be watching dog owners who pick up after their pooch and reward them with gift cards or coupons donated by local businesses. Officials say part of the goal is to make trails and parks cleaner and more dog friendly.

ÔÇťAlong with trying to open more places for dogs that are dog friendly, we’re trying to also get people to be more responsible for their dogs,” says Parks and Recreation Commissioner Stef Seffinger.

Officials say there are currently 44 “dog mitt” stations along the parks and trails in Ashland and each year about a quarter of a million bags are collected.