Restrictions for Bow Hunting Season

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Bow hunting season is right around the corner and hunting businesses are preparing for the big day.

“We just try to keep as much as we can in inventory so everybody has a chance to get what they need,” Scott Sharpe said, owner of Southern Oregon Archery.

Sharpe says this time of year is extremely busy with hunters coming in for target practice or buying new equipment. When they come in he also makes sure to tell them about the fire restrictions in place.

“I just ask them where they are hunting if they are drawing any tags, what their plans are,” Sharpe added. “Just to get an idea of where they are going so I can let them know if they are going somewhere where there’s restrictions.”

This year the Oregon Department of Forestry is urging hunters to use extreme caution. There are no new restrictions in place but previous restrictions still apply. This includes no power driven machinery use during 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., no campfires, and no driving vehicles on unapproved roads, even if it is an off road vehicle.

“Certain hunters will relax their caution levels being that the area is already burnt which promotes an opportunity for them to start new fires,” Cody Meuser with Oregon Department of Forestry said.

ODF says animals do return to the burnt lands quickly, and therefore that is where the hunters tend to go. Forestry officials say there are a lot of dangers in the burnt forest the typical person will not see.

“There’s liability issues with burned out trees, stump holes that are obviously burned out and can collect and it looks like there is solid ground below it and there is usually not,” Mueser explained. “That’s an opportunity for lower leg ankle injuries, especially if they are out hiking off the unapproved roads.”

For more information on what land is restricted contact your Oregon Department of Forestry headquarters.