Restoration Project Receives 53% of Goal

holly theatreMEDFORD, Ore. — Hundreds of people are exploring an historic building downtown this weekend. The Holly Theatre is getting restored and residents are reminiscing on free tours.

The theatre was built in 1930. The project will completely restore the theatre and become a live performance venue. The plan is to honor the heritage of the building while still serving the modern entertainment community. The price tag for that plan is $4.3 million and so far it has received about 53% of that in donations.

“The economic catalyst that a project like this is documented to be and the change that it can make in a neighborhood like the Holly’s that isn’t very vibrant today, is really an important reason to be behind the project,” said Executive Director Randy McKay.

The restored venue will host mostly concerts and play with small sets. It will also welcome film festivals. The tours are the first Saturday of every month. They are free, but the restoration project welcomes donations.