Restaurant to Pay Meals Tax

peerlessASHLAND, Ore. — An Ashland restaurant is going to give its customers a break from the Ashland meals tax over the next two months.

The Peerless Restaurant says it will pay the 5% meals tax for all of its customers during that span. It means customer will be able to eat at the restaurant tax-free.

The owner says it’s a chance to welcome new customers who may have been deterred from eating in Ashland because of the tax, which began in 1990. They also wanted to put on the promotion as a special thanks to its regular customers.

“I felt it was a way to thank our loyal Rogue Valley guests that have been coming to Ashland all of these years, as a thank you,” said owner Crissy Barnett.

The owner says the promotion will run from now until the end of May.