Restaurant Owner Selling Morning Glory

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ASHLAND, Ore. – A popular restaurant is on the market after nearly two decades of serving brunch.

Patty Groth, the chef and owner of Morning Glory, is closing in on her fortieth year behind the stove. Groth purchased the property in 1996 from the original owners, and remodeled the house into a restaurant.  Once the doors opened, customers craved the breakfast and lunch specials on the menu.

Groth said she was shocked at the initial success, “people just flocked in, and I’ve never looked back!” she explained. With a new owner, her customers are wondering what will happen to their favorite specials on the menu.

Groth said, “My recipes will go with it, I’ve developed every single recipe here, and I am the chef and I do cook, but yeah I hope that they would, I mean whoever the potential buyers they’d be foolish not to try and keep the same team.”

Groth said she’s still cooking, and is publishing a book of her recipes, but it’s her time to say goodbye to Morning Glory. Groth said she understands her customers’ disappointment, “It’s just been a labor of love, I have the same staff that I’ve had for almost the whole time. You know I couldn’t, I’m just one person, and it takes a whole team of us to pull off what we do.”