Restaurant Fire Investigation to Resume

12-16 marie callenderMEDFORD, Ore. – Tuesday, Medford Fire is expected to pick up the investigation into the fire that destroyed the Marie Callender’s on Biddle Road.

That fire began early Saturday morning and left the building in such dangerous condition that firefighters haven’t been able to enter to determine the cause.

The building is under strict security until teams can make the structure safe enough to get inside.

In the meantime, security guards say they’re getting a near constant stream of visitors hoping to get a glimpse of the damage.

“They get close but they look over, they see us there, and they know we’re here for a reason – for protection, for safety,” said Brandi Miller, a guard with Action Security. “So they just kind of back off and take their pictures and go about their business.”

Investigators with Medford Fire plan to arrive tomorrow with heavy machinery to tear down some of the unstable walls.

They say they hope getting inside will give them some clues into how the fire started.