Residents without Power for Day Five

MERLIN, Ore. — Downed trees from recent storms knocked out power for thousands in southern Oregon and northern California. It was nearly 15 thousand at the initial peak.

Pacific power reports as of 6:41 p.m. Monday, there are approximately 1,308 customers without power. Most residents are experiencing these outages in Grants Pass, Sunny Valley, Merlin and Wilderville.

Pacific power officials have restored about 75 percent of the electricity in the county. Many residents had it restored Sunday night.

“It’s nice to be able to see and flush the toilets again and have running water. It was worse than traveling somewhere. My son would ask, are we there yet? He kept saying what can we do,” said Merlin resident, Deborah Barro.

Crew members are working around the clock to restore power. Pacific Power said it may take awhile because crews are replacing broken lines and poles that the trees took out.

For the current number of power outages, click here.