Residents Use Phone Tree For Evacuations

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NEAR APPLEGATE, Ore. — The Old Blue Mountain Fire is forcing a level 1 evacuation alert for all homes on the left fork of Humbug Creek Rd., and addresses 2542 and above on the main fork of Humbug Creek Rd. When those advisories were issued were spread by community members using a local fire district activated a phone tree.

When evacuations were issued Tuesday, fire officials turned to the community to get the word out.

Several communities and neighborhoods have phone tree systems in place that fire officials can activate in the event of an emergency. Crews with the Applegate Valley Fire District 9 go door to door to notify residents, but when they are dealing in a rural area, that can take more time.
the phone tree system helps to get the information out as soon as possible.

“We also find that the local knowledge that comes out of it from the community members knowing their neighbors, maybe specifics of whether they have animals involved or there is disabilities,” said¬†Cpt. Tailese Goodnough with the Applegate Valley Fire District.

Fire officials also say the system helps community members contribute when dealing with fires.