Residents Turn Out For Fire Updates

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GLENDALE, Ore. — More than 100 Glendale residents packed an elementary school gym Monday night as officials working the Douglas Complex Fire explained the current situation.┬áSome residents have been keeping a close eye on the fires.

“We went up to a spot out of Wolf Creek and you could see a pretty good view of the borderline of the fire just to the south of us here,” said Glendale resident Ricky Nelson.

The fire meeting lasted about an hour and information and maps were passed out and questions were taken. Officials said they just want to keep the community aware of the possible dangers.

“We’ve got about 400 residences that are in danger at this stage, that are threatened, so we’re keeping an eye on those,” said Bureau of Land Management spokesman Cheyne Rossbach.

Fire officials said the current status of the landscape is a big factor for why the fire is spreading so quickly.

“Our fuel moistures are still very low where for this time of year, as you heard in the meeting earlier, we’re about a month ahead. So we’re where we would normally be in late August,” said Rossbach.

Nelson said after the meeting he felt a little more at ease knowing his community was in the clear, for the moment.

“I feel a lot better tonight than we did a couple days ago and they seem to have a pretty good fire line built up around the area. The fire seems to be pushing away from town at the moment which is a good sign,” said Nelson.

Fire officials said as of Monday night, there is no timeline for when the evacuations will be lifted and to check in with the Douglas county sheriff’s department for more information.