Residents Plan to Appeal Housing

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. —   Dozens of lots have sat empty at the Maple Park townhome development after initial plans of nearly 90 units. The city has approved plans for subsidized housing to fill in these lots, and residents hope city council will reconsider.

“We expected more of the same. We didn’t expect low income housing to be in our front yard,” said resident Jim Frego.

Subsidized housing has been approved to be built — 50 units to be exact, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Residents said the move is not what the expected when they bought their townhomes in 2007 for just shy of a quarter million dollars.

“When you concentrate low income, affordable housing in one area and it feeds on itself, it breeds crime and eventually developers aren’t going to want to develop nice homes in those areas,” said Frego.

Frego said there were no crime reports last year in the development, but if the new apartments are anything like other subsidized housing in Grants Pass, crime could be a factor.

“You put 50 low income apartments in here, and the crime rate is going to go from zero to some number,” said Frego.

When residents bought the homes, they signed an agreement saying they would keep their lots looking well-kept and would not add things like storage sheds. Frego thinks if the documents hold up, it will be there best shot at getting their way.

“If the C.C.R. issue holds up, then the current homeowners will have approval rights for anything that gets built on these additional lots,” said Frego.

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  1. Larry says:

    Hey people, you live in GRANTS PASS, the majority of your city is low income, get over yourselves! and if you bought the place in 2007, congratulations, you paid more than its worth now anyway!

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