Residents Granted Herbicide Documents

HerbacideGOLD BEACH, Ore.– An environmental health group will be looking at documents regarding herbicide use in the Gold Beach area. Last October, A private timber company used a helicopter to spray chemicals. Locals there said the spray landed on people in the Cedar Valley area. Two dozen residents reported serious health symptoms shortly afterward. The health advocacy organization, Beyond Toxics, submitted a request on January 27th for herbicide use records, but the Department of Agriculture denied access. The Oregon Attorney General ruled that medical professionals and the public should be granted access to the documents, Thursday. Federal agencies are also involved in the investigation.


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  1. Spirit of the Forest says:

    This is quite alarming and people should be paying attention to this issue. If the Dept. of Ag denies access to public records of toxic spraying, it begs the question as to just what toxic chemicals were being sprayed? Why the secrecy? Who benefits?

    Our forests – and agricultural lands – are constantly bombarded by toxins of which we know nothing. As the health of the forest goes, so goes the health of humans.

  2. SierraLife says:

    The Department of Agriculture is not your friend. Neither is the BLM. They lie. We deal with the same sort of B.S. in Nevada with the NDA and BLM, regarding our wild horses. No transparency, no accountability. These agencies are joined at the hip and pretty much write their own rules.

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