Residents Concerned About Vacant Field

Medford Field

MEDFORD, Ore. — In light of those hot temperatures up ahead, some Medford residents are expressing concern over a vacant field near their homes.

Carmen Dela Cruz and her husband live in apartments nearby. She says some residents on Finley Lane off of Ross Lane in Medford worry the vacant field will be fuel for a grass fire. The grass in the field, reportedly owned by a local man, is a couple feet tall.

“I worry about the houses catching on fire you know, and for whoever has kids and for us the smoke,” she says. “I mean it’s just hazardous, I don’t like to take my walk and look at that.”

Medford’s weed abatement requires all grass and weeds to be kept at ten inches. First, code enforcement officers say they send a letter to warn the property owners but if the owner does not comply, they could face a fine from the city.

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  1. tim says:

    Just a thought why dont all you people who live around there, get to gether and mow down the crap. The time and effort you used up griping in the news about this problem, You guys could have had it cleaned up by now.

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