Rescued Dogs Victims of Illegal Breeding

By Danielle Craig

MEDFORD, Ore. — More than two dozen dogs set to be euthanized are now safe. Officials say they’re the victims of illegal breeding. Many of the animals were named after Star Wars characters, and the Force must have been with them, because the animals are getting a second chance.

The Southern Oregon Humane Society stepped in just in time; the Humane Society took in the 28 poodle-mixes just two days before they were supposed to be euthanized. Representatives with the Humane Society say the 28 dogs came from a Northern California law enforcement agency that had seized the poodle-mixes from an illegal breeder.

The Humane Society says the animals were living in filth and some are malnourished. The Humane Society also says the dogs were bred most likely to make some money.

“You and see and hear about these dogs… ‘Oh, this labradoodle you can get for 3,000-5,000…boy I’ve got a friend with a poodle, and a friend with a lab,’ and started selling puppies,” explains Kenn Altine, from Southern Oregon Humane Society.

Without a market to support the sell of $5,000 pets, the dogs had nowhere to go. But with some cleaning, spaying and neutering, and love, the Humane Society is giving the dogs ‘a new hope.’ There’s no word on whether the breeder is facing any criminal charges. All of the dogs are now up for adoption but new owners will have to wait for the dogs’ medical treatment to be complete.