Shots Fired Near Coleman Creek Road

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon police are investigating a shooting Thursday morning; no one was injured. The man who fired a gun is in police custody.

A neighbor was trying to return some borrowed items to 41-year-old Jon Ware ware when Jackson County Sheriff’s officials say he opened fire outside his home near the intersection of Coleman Creek Road and Griffin Creek Road.

The call came in just after 10 a.m. this morning and more than 30 officers from the several agencies including the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team. Responded to the scene around the 6700 block of Coleman Creek Road.

Officials say upon arrival more shots could be heard so neighbors were evacuated and the Talent City Hall opened it’s doors as a hospitality center. Both sheriff’s officials and neighbors say ware had a history of mental health problems and those who knew him were trying to get him help.

“His parents are worried about him, he’s been on prayer lists. We need to come together as a community to help people with mental illness like this and not let it get to the point where there’s gunfire going on like this, it’s absolutely ridiculous,” said one neighbor, Ron Lallo.

Officials say ware was taken into custody peacefully and without incident. Sheriff’s officials say after being questioned ware stated he wasn’t trying to hurt his neighbors, only scare them. Ware faces three charges of menacing two charges of reckless endangerment and three charges of unlawful use of a deadly weapon.