Officer-Involved Shooting in Medford

rgo shots 1[UPDATE: 8:16 P.M.] At a press conference Medford Police say the suspect fired the initial shot. Police also said two officers fired 50 yards from suspect. Police say the suspect was a 52-year-old man who was “no stranger to police”. He was a Medford resident and had 2 other firearms on him.

The suspect was pronounced dead at scene. Medford Police say the suspect’s identification not being released at this time.

[PREVIOUS] MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police said at approximately 4:25 pm officers were involved in a shooting in Cherry Street in Medford’s west side. No officers were injured.

NewsWatch12’s Randa Gore spoke to several bystanders who said they witnessed the whole thing. They said they saw a man walking down Cherry Street carrying a gun. Witnesses said police arrived on scene and asked him several times to put the gun down. Witnesses said the man did not obey the police’s orders. They said police then fired their weapons and man fell to the ground.

Several Medford Police officers and Jackson County deputies responded to the scene. SWAT and medical personnel have also responded. NewsWatch12 staff witnessed personnel performing CPR, then covering the suspect’s body with a white blanket.

Medford Police will hold a press conference with more details at 7:30 pm.