Teen Shooting Highlights Gun Safety

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Deputies say a teenager boy is taken safely into custody Monday afternoon after he fired shots toward homes and threatened to shoot anyone who responded.

Several Jackson County Sheriff deputies responded to the 4000 block of Tioga Way around 2 p.m. Deputies called for an armored vehicle but then called it off. They said the boy walked outside, unarmed to talk to them.

A deputy on scene initially told NewsWatch 12 the argument, which led up to the shooting was about a cellphone. But later Monday evening, the grandparents told our crew, their grandson got upset because there wasn’t any Pepsi left in the home. When they couldn’t find a ride to the store, they say he threw a phone, got the gun, and fired shots out of anger.

Deputies charged him with Reckless Endangerment. Deputies say the direction he shot with a 22 rifle was within 200 yards of other homes.

NewsWatch 12 spoke to gun instructor, Greg Gritsh, who is part of “Critical Balance Shooting Academy.” Gritsh says residents can shoot a firearm outside of city limits but not if its in an urban growth area in county lines.

“The best way to figure out if you’re in the urban growth boundaries is to call the  sheriff’s office and talk to one of the  dispatchers and tell them your location,” said Gritsh.

When it comes to teens and guns, Gritsh says awareness is key.

“Because I firmly believe that if you can’t  look at it, you can’t examine it, and you don’t teach your children, when you’re gone, they’re going to be looking for it,” explained Gritsh.

In the instance of the teenage shooter, Gritsh says the boy is lucky no one got hurt.

“You just cannot shoot and not have some kind of idea where the bullets going to land. No one wants to have a tragedy that they’re going to live with for the rest of their lives,” said Gritsh.

For more information on gun safety classes with Critical Balance Shooting Academy, click here.

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