Medical Marijuana Coverage Unclear

MarijuanaMEDFORD, Ore. — An attempt to dry medical marijuana over a wood stove sparks a house fire.

The Oregon Business and Consumer Department says if the owner wanted to claim his medical marijuana, it would fall under the category of a legal prescription. But since marijuana is illegal to sell, a spokesman says there is no way to determine the value of marijuana.

“It’s┬ánot that its not covered. All personal property is covered but a piece of property with no actual cash value, what would you pay?,” explained spokesman Ron Fredrickson.

Fredrickson says equipment to grow the medical marijuana would be covered.


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  1. Sammie says:

    All the Fire people need to do is to look for the paperwork that allows a Medical Marijuana person to grow their own – the tag is supposed to be at the grow area. If it’s up to date, there is no need to call the police – they already know.

    And just as an aside…why the heck are police now going to accompany fire calls? And why does both Ashland fire ambulances show up in our neighborhood as well as a fire truck AND another ambulance every time somebody calls for help? What a waste of resources. Are they really that bored and unbusy that they feel the need to go every single time with every single call and is that why every time we turn around somebody ‘needs’ a new fire house, more new equipment, another police station or whatever so by the time everything is said and done, we’re paying on the old equipment/stations while we pay for the stuff they bought 2 years ago and will be paying for the stuff they want now…my ultimate question is are they trying to make and keep themselves relevant cuz they don’t want us to know they spend most of their time just sitting around? It’s not like fire trucks are not equipped with radios so if the cops were needed they could quickly radio for them…just sayin’. Not saying I’m not glad they are there when we need all of them but come on! You couldn’t run a business that way so how come they do?

  2. Matthew A. Eldridge says:

    The reason the Police are responding to call fire calls like this is the serial arsonist that is out there somewhere in Medford. Until this person can be caught, it is reasonable to have Police and Fire respond together.

    Although I love this agency’s reporting of the news, reporting this reason would have been good.

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