Report on Sandy Hook Shooting Released

sandy hook shootingBy Shannon Travis

(CNN) — Almost one year ago, 26 lives – including 20 children – were violently shot and killed in a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school. On Monday, a new report sheds some light on the attack.

Investigators say 20-year-old Adam Lanza acted alone when he entered the Sandy Hook Elementary school and opened fire, but for victims’ families, it appears many questions remain unanswered.

The report says Lanza shot his way into the locked school, killing the principal and school psychologist before entering classrooms 8 and 10, where he continuing shooting.

“In fewer than 11 minutes” the report reads, “twenty first-grade pupils and six adults had lost their lives.”

The first police officer reported to the scene fewer than four minutes after the first 911 call. Lanza killed himself one minute after that officer arrived. He had killed his mother earlier that day.

What’s not in the report are any clues about why Lanza chose Sandy Hook. This morning, the family of Victoria Soto, one of Lanza’s victims, released a statement, saying in part:

“While others search for the answer as to why this happened, we search for the “how”. How can we live without Vicki? How do we celebrate Christmas without Vicki? There is nothing in the report that will answer those for us.”

The report also revealed Lanza had several mental health issues, but the state’s attorney’s office did not say whether that had any role in the shooting.