Financial Loss From Horse Auction

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A horse auction in Josephine County drew in close to $90,000, but the county is still facing several thousands of dollars in losses.

Back in September animal control seized hundreds of animals on Kandi Crow’s property. Officials found several dead animals and many of them starving.

Despite the horse auction, Josephine County could be facing close to $580,000 in losses.  Kandi Crow gave up her animals to the county in October and the total cost of care for all of the animals was in the several thousands of dollars. The county continued to incur costs every day.

Jane Henry, one of dozens of buyers who bought Kandi Crow’s miniature horses on Saturday, said previous owners of the miniature horses on Crow’s property did not want to pay the security interest to get their animals back, so they waited until the auction.

“Oh of course they got them cheaper. That was the way they could do it. And some of these folks did not want to pay the county a dime,” said Henry.

The county is now having to make up for that loss, dipping into the general fund and that means other departments will have less dollars facing possible cuts the next fiscal year.

The chief financial officer said the $580,000 in losses is an estimate. Officials still need to consider the veterinarian bills and donations, which will impact that number.

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  1. Janet Evans says:

    Somehow the math isn’t adding up… $580,000.00 / 180 horses = $3200.00 or over $1000.00 per horse per month??? Impossible, especailly with a mini. Perhaps a zero got misplaced, $100 to $150.00 per month is more realistic,the $90,00.00 received should just cover the expenses.

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