Rep. Walden Holds Cyber Safety Workshop

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MEDFORD, Ore. – If an individual loses money because of an online attack, they are protected by the FDIC, but if the same happens to a small business, in most cases, they are not protected. That’s why Representative Greg Walden is in Southern Oregon.

The congressman held a workshop featuring Entrust CEO Bill Conner. The goal is to make sure small businesses are defending themselves against cyber attacks. Congressman Walden says a single attack could threaten a small businesses ability to continue.

Conner suggests small businesses talk with their banks to get some kind of protection in place, in case of an attack. He also says business owners should do what everyone should keep the programs on your computer updated and do not download programs you didn’t seek out.

Representative Walden says the house has recently passed legislation to combat cyber attacks, by opening up communication between government agencies and the private sector.