Jail Beds Filling Up to Maximum Limit

Jail BedsGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Police are filling up Josephine County jail beds reaching the contract’s maximum limit almost every day.

The city is paying a million dollars to rent up to 30 jail beds through the county.  Since then, the community and police are seeing a big difference. The city is using between 26 and 30 jail beds every day. Police say being able to house criminals in jail, instead of the former cite and release method  has empowered the community and their department.

Officers are noticing lawbreakers are becoming less aggressive knowing there are now consequences.   But the contract is only for this year. The city doesn’t have enough funds to continue paying the county.  Police are hoping by the time June comes around, when the contract ends, the county will have a solution to fix its budget and open more beds.

The end of the contract is not the only thing the city and police are concerned about this year. Come November, residents will decide whether to continue a tax levy supporting the police and fire department.