Rental Laws to be Discussed in Ashland

Ashland Rentals

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Ashland City Council is preparing to hear arguments on the city’s controversial vacation rental laws.

Monday the council will discuss whether renting out homes to tourists for a short period of time should be easier or more restricted.

Under current law, home owners in mixed residential-commercial zones are restricted from renting rooms on popular websites like vrbo.com or airbnb.com. Renters are also required to be on the property at all times, and limit how many people can stay at one time.

“We’re behind the eight ball on this,” Ashland City Council member Carol Voisin said. “We haven’t caught up to the current reality of how people are deciding to go to places and rent houses or to rent a room.”

Bed and breakfasts have argued that individual renters should have tighter restrictions, while homeowners say the opposite. Some councilors say the current laws are difficult to enforce, and are hoping to find a fix that works for the “b and b’s” and the homeowners.