Removal Remedy For Car In Rogue River

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Crews are trying to figure out how to remove a car, submerged in the Rogue River for a year and a half.

The car moved down the river from where it went in the water last March and now it’s about a foot below the surface, between the valley of the Rogue State Park Salmon Viewing Area and a private property.

The man who owns the land on the Rogue River side of the water told NewsWatch12 there is no possible way to tow the car out of the water from his property. The bank is too steep and would likely impact the under-structure of the homes he owns and destroy vegetation; plus, the tow trucks would fight overhead power lines.

The park ranger at Valley of the Rogue says there are plenty of problems associated with towing the car out on their side of the water, too. Heavy tow trucks or cranes could damage park utilities, sprinkler systems, and irrigation, among other things.

The owner of the private property says there’s a ramp about two miles up the river that would make this removal much easier, if the insurance company trying to remove it would give the car another year to reach that point. The insurance agent working on this case told NewsWatch12 they are planning to get this thing out in a couple of days and they are waiting to hear back from a local helicopter company about the possibility of air-lifting it out.