Reinforcements Head to Douglas Complex

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GLENDALE, Ore. — For the third straight day, fire crews are hard at work battling the Douglas Complex fire approximately seven miles north of Glendale.

Two-thousand firefighters from Oregon and Washington are expected to be on scene by Sunday night.    According to fire officials, the Douglas Complex fire is the largest complex burning this weekend. It has burnt more than 7,500 acres so far.

“The problem with this fire is we have so many fires spread out through here, it’s east to get down on resources,” said Kyle Reed, Public Information Officer for the Douglas County Forest Patrol.  “The additional people are going to make a huge difference in our firefighting efforts.”

There are 10 engines, 2 dozers, 4 water tenders, and several helicopters on the scene of the Douglas Complex fire.  According to fire officials, the roads leading up to the fire have been difficult to access.  Most of the roads are old logging roads.

“We’ve had to open up some of the roads, brush some of them out just so we can get the equipment in and out of there safely,” said Reed. “Initially that was the problem, but we are gaining as we go along.”

Douglas County Fire District 2 arrived at the fire late last night. Firefighters said they worked structure patrol all night.

“It’s dark,” said firefighter Earl Pennington. “It’s smokey. It’s hot.  Rocks are falling.  Trees are falling.”

Pennington said the fire came close to a couple of homes, but his crew was able to keep the fire at bay.

No structures have been damaged in the Douglas Complex fire.  The community plans on holding an informational meeting tomorrow night at 100 Pacific Ave. at 6:30 p.m. for concerned citizens.



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  1. Joella Smith says:

    Where can I find the story on the greedy opportunistic family selling T-shirts at the site of the largest natural disaster in the nation? I would like to share it on my FB page, thanks.

    1. Ida says:

      I would like the information of the family selling the t-shirts of the Douglas Complex fire, as my son is there fighting the fire. I would love to get him a shirt. They are great pride for the fire fighters that are there working the fire. Please let me know.

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