Rehabilitation Begins at Whiskey Complex

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TILLER, Ore. — A Type 3 Incident Management team remains in place at the Whiskey Complex.  Crews are now working on rehabilitating the land they destroyed to make fire lines and road access.

Three excavating crews, two wood chippers, and a road grader are at the Whiskey Complex.  Fire officials said they are covering the fire lines and roads they dug out during the fire with the brush and debris they cut out of it.

“We’re trying to use as much of that product as we can for other projects and gather the usable products so we’re not just wasting it,” said Jimmer Hunt of Division Bravo.

The logs are being set along side of the road and will eventually be sold, according to Hunt. The smaller logs are being turned into wood chips.  The wood chips will be laid down on the forest floor to help prevent soil erosion.

Some of the Whiskey Complex remains active inside the containment lines.

“The containment wraps all the way around the fire,” said Hunt. “We have hundreds of feet of black but there are also unburned islands that are unsafe to put people in to try to activley suppress that portion.”

Fire officials said they do not expect the fire to be completely put out until a season ending event.