Regional Coasts Remember Tsunami

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BROOKINGS HARBOR, Ore. — Monday marks the second anniversary of a large earthquake that hit Japan. The earthquake caused a devastating tsunami across the Pacific to the shores of Oregon and Northern California.

The series of waves caused heavy damage to the boat harbors at Crescent City and Brookings-Harbor. Over the last year, millions of dollars have been spent to dredge the Brookings boat basin and to replace docks and pilings in both harbors. Managers of both harbors say it’s an investment that’s paying off.

“The dredging we did allows us to stay open and now we’re–our commercial basin is fully stocked and crab season is still roaring along,” said Brookings Harbormaster Ted Fitzgerald.

“It’s working. I mean, there’s a lot of work, and there’s still work to be done, and there’s as many more pilings to be put in yet,” said Crescent City Harbor Commissioner Pat Bailey.

Dredging of the Brookings boat basin was funded by more than $6 million in state and federal grants. Grants and FEMA funding are also paying for much of the restoration of the Crescent boat harbor in an effort to make it as tsunami-resistant as possible.