Reduced Parks Funding in Ashland

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Parks in Ashland could soon see changes after the city council decided to cut their funding.

The Parks Commission says, for the last century, it has been viewed as its own entity. Unlike other city departments, it has received its own separate funding, but a measure passed in 1997 combined all of the city’s funding, giving the city control over the parks budget.

Last night’s decision to cut the commission’s budget is not sitting well with parks officials.

“The parks commission is losing independence, because if you don’t have control over your budget, your purse strings, you don’t have independence. And that’s a big concern of the parks commission and many citizens in Ashland,” said Rick Landt with the Parks Commission.

City council members say the funding decision is a temporary fix, and they will work with the parks commission to come up with a more permanent solution.