Red Ribbon Week

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MEDFORD, Ore. — When it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, more underage kids are using in Jackson and Josephine County than underage kids in the rest of the state.

We are in the middle of Red Ribbon Week and Josephine County Prevention Coordinator, Shawn Martinez joins us in the video above to discuss drug use awareness.

The latest study shows that more students in Jackson and Josephine County are drinking than the rest of the state. Here’s a look at those numbers:

2012 Survey: At least one alcoholic drink in past 30 days

Grade 8:
Jackson County: 23.5%
Josephine County: 25.2%
State: 19.6%

Grade 11:
Jackson County: 39.3%
Josephine County: 36.9%
State: 39.5%

2012 Survey: Smoked Cigarettes in last 30 days

Jackson County
Grade 8: 7.3%
Grade 11: 16.5%

Josephine County
Grade 8: 6.4%
Grade 11: 12.9%