Red Light Offender Alert

By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD,Ore. — Red light offenders caught on video typically pay the price later with a citation in the mail. One incident caught on tape has sent a frightening reminder to drivers across the nation. Police say it’s a common mistake that can lead to deadly circumstances.

Medford Police officials say because there are not enough officers to patrol each light intersection, red light cameras have become crucial in that enforcement.

A video recently released of an accident in New Jersey last month shows a car running a red-light, then t-boned by an other car and eventually going airborne. No one was reported seriously injured in the crash, but these images were enough to cut down red light runners at that intersection by nearly half.

Last year, Medford Police recorded more than 1,400 red light runners on its two cameras in town. While police say those numbers have been fairly consistent the past few years, it’s these type of incidents that make up their neighborhood complaints.

“All the time deals with traffic issues pretty much, I mean people complain about speeding cars, running red lights, aggressive driving that type of thing,” said Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau.

The two monitors in town sit at two intersections, Stewart at Barnett, and Biddle Road and McAndrews. Medford Police say a red light violation can cost you $287, and $323 if it involves a car accident. Police say the cameras have proven successful with more than 1,400 cited and only 71 citations disputed in court in 2011.