Red Flag Warning through Noon Friday

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A red flag warning continues until noon Friday due to gusty winds and low humidities, already today we’ve seen gusts up to 57mph in the Coast Range and 72mph in the Cascades. Winds will peak tonight into early tomorrow morning and thus any new fires that spark will be able to spread rapidly so we urge you to be fire safe. The highest risk for fire weather will be at the coast and higher terrain due to drier conditions in these locations as well as strongest winds.

Sunny and warm conditions for all areas will persist into the weekend, in fact Medford broke a record today hitting 67 degrees! The previous record was all the way back in 1959! Montague broke a record by a degree at 63 and Klamath Falls tied their record at 54 degrees. These warm and sunny conditions, while I enjoyed it, means things dried out even more and humidities for most areas are in the 20% to 30% range. Peak wind gusts in the Coast Range have been reported at 41 and 57 mph, 40 mph in the Siskiyous and just shy of hurricane force in the Cascades at 72mph!

Besides breaking record highs today, January is setting up to break some records of its own! Last year Medford saw the 9th driest January on record…well looks like it will be the 10th now as Medford is currently on track for the 6th driest January! Roseburg and North Bend are on track for the 2nd while Klamath Falls is on track for the driest overall!

Winds will ease through the day Friday but the dry conditions won’t see please continue to be fire safe. Valley fog will likely return this weekend which means a bit cooler temperatures compared to today; the chetco effect will also end at the coast and onshore flow will return dropping highs back into the 50s.

Thanks for logging on and think rain!

Meteorologist Megan Parry

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